The Skilled Consultant

by Honeycomb Consulting Skills Training

Honeycomb Consulting Skills Training was founded by Deri Hughes in 2018. Deri worked at Bain & Co. and as an independent consultant before creating Honeycomb, where he now works alongside Colin Mann, ex-PwC and Royal Navy. Together, they specialise in the creation and delivery of training courses for consultants using their 3 Pillar Model; Consulting Skills, Consulting Leadership, and Consulting Sales. They have recruited a team of high quality, expert trainers who help deliver their bespoke content to consulting teams in the UK, Europe and USA.

In this newsletter, Deri, Colin, and the Honeycomb team share their most impactful training tools, skills development tips for consultants, and insights from working within and alongside some of the world’s best consulting firms. It is recommended for consultants who are looking to accelerate their skill development and consulting team leaders who want to develop more capability in their team.

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For consultants wanting to accelerate their skill development. Practical tools, tips, insights, and stories from our expert team who run a world-class consulting skills and leadership training business.


We're a team of experienced, top tier consultants who provide market-leading training in consulting skills and leadership. Here we share our training tools, tips, insights, and stories from working within and alongside consulting firms of all sizes.
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