About this site

This is the blog site of Honeycomb PS. Most of the content is written by Deri Hughes. Hi! šŸ‘‹

I mostly write to help consultants, coaches and trainers develop their skills and expertise. With a dash of personal growth, and a splash of entrepreneurship.

I've been in the consulting industry since 2005. I started at Bain & Company, where I spent 6 years, then became an independent consulting. After a stint as CFOO at Credo Business Consulting (which we sold to Teneo in 2017) I became a 'consultant to consultants' and trainer of consulting skills, working with dozens of boutique consulting firms globally.

These days I'm building Honeycomb as a community of experienced consultants. We work with boutique firms to help their people develop consulting skills, leadership skills, and personal resilience. I strive for Honeycomb to be transparent, authentic, and community-led.

Part of what I write here is my journey of building a transparent community-led training business. Some is my own personal growth journey and how that impacts my perspectives.

But most of it is designed to help you figure out what consulting skills matter for you, or your team, and how best to develop them.

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I'd love your feedback. You can comment on my posts, or just drop me an email - deri.hughes@honeycombps.co.uk

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